Jon Bon Jovi quashes internet death rumours

The rocker posted a picture of him holding a dated sign to prove he was still alive

Jon Bon Jovi quashed internet rumours of his death, by posting a picture of him in front of a Christmas tree and holding a piece of paper emblazoned with yesterday’s date (December 19).

The Bon Jovi rocker was the subject of an internet death hoax, but the star took to his band’s Facebook page to prove he was still alive and kicking.

In the photo posted, a smiling Bon Jovi holds up a piece of paper which says:

Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey


The posting came after Dailynewbloginternational put a story online saying that the frontman had died from a cardiac arrest at the age of 49. Billboard reports that the story was copied from the Los Angeles Times’ coverage of the 2009 death of Michael Jackson.

In October, Jon Bon Jovi opened a new ‘pay what you want’ restaurant in New Jersey. The restaurant, which is named The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen, was formally opened on October 20 in Sayreville, the frontman’s hometown.

The eatery only serves organic food and operates a policy where diners pay either a suggested donation or pay for their food by putting in volunteers hours in the restaurant. Jon Bon Jovi has said that the eatery is attempting to rid the world of its traditional view of a soup kitchen for homeless people.