Bon Jovi Boston Red Sox song copyright claim dismissal appealed

Samuel Bartley Steele says Jon Bon Jovi stole his song

The Boston resident who saw his recent copyright claim against Bon Jovi dismissed is appealing the verdict.

Samuel Bartley Steele claims the band ripped off his song ‘(Man I Really) Love This Team’ for their own number ‘I Love This Town’. He made the claim with regards to his song about the Boston Red Sox baseball team against the band, Time Warner and Major League Baseball organisation last year. He was seeking $400 billion (£240 billion) compensation.

The claim was dismissed by a district judge, but now Steele has announced that he is appealing the decision, reports BBC News.

Previously it had been ruled that a jury would not conclude their was any similarity between the songs – a verdict a musicologist Steele hired suggested he would agree with.