Bon Jovi reveal story behind bitter split from label after 32 years – hear ‘Burning Bridges’ now

Band have released 13 studio albums via Mercury Records since 1984

Bon Jovi have parted ways with their long-term record label Mercury Records, penning a break-up song about the split.

The classic rock outfit released 13 studio albums through the label after signing in 1983. They released their debut album via Mercury that following year.

Last week, the band released their final record ‘Burning Bridges’ via Mercury. The album’s title-track, which closes the LP, was written about their departure.

Lyrics from the song include: “After 30 years of loyalty, they let you dig the grave/Now maybe you can learn to sing or strum along/Well I’ll give you half the publishing/You’re why I wrote this song.”

Listen to the song below.

Singer Jon Bon Jovi has told Billboard: “This hits it right in the head and tells you what happened. Listen to the lyrics because it explains exactly what happened. And that’s that.”

He continued to state that the band had never planned to release the album commercially and only did so to fulfil the group’s contractual obligation to Mercury.

The future of Mercury Records has been in doubt since its acquisition by Universal in 2013.

Jon Bon Jovi also told Billboard that the band are working a new album, which they aim to release in spring 2016.

“Believe me, the new record is good. It is something we are going to be very proud of in the spring when we put it out,” he said.


Meanwhile, Jon Bon Jovi recently announced that he will executive produce a new reality TV show that follows famous musicians as they return to their hometowns to ponder what life might be like away from the industry.

If I Wasn’t a Rock Star will be developed by The Weinstein Company, Prototype Entertainment and 3 Ball Entertainment, with Bob Weinstein also serving as an executive producer.

“I was drawn to this project simply because it will be a celebration of the working men and women of this country. They are the real rock stars,” said Bon Jovi in a statement.

According to Weinsten, the series will give fans “a chance to see their favourite stars as they’ve never imagined them before. We can’t wait to see what other amazing talent comes on board”. The participating stars have yet to be announced.

The Bon Jovi frontman is also reportedly contributing vocals to the next album by Swedish dance musician Avicii.