Jon Bon Jovi sued for £200 billion

Musician Samuel Bartley Steele claims the singer ripped off his lyrics

Jon Bon Jovi is being sued by musician Samuel Bartley Steele for $400 billion (£200 billion), with Steele claiming that the singer ripped off lyrics to his song ‘(Man I Really) Love This Team’.

Steele claims Bon Jovi heard his song, a tribute to the Boston Red Sox baseball team, while campaigning for past Democrat Presidential nominee John Kerry in 2004.

The frontman, who plays in the band The Chelsea City Council, claims Bon Jovi‘s 2007 song ‘I Love This Town’ uses lyrics ripped off from Steele‘s composition, reports TMZ.


A spokesperson for Jon Bon Jovi said they hadn’t seen the lawsuit yet.

Watch footage of Bon Jovi performing ‘I Love This Town’ live by clicking on the video below.