Layzie Bone is apprehended while reading some lyrics, containing swear words, from his new LP...

Rapper LAYZIE BONE of trio BONE THUGS ‘N’ HARMONY has been arrested on a street in GALVESTON, TEXAS for reading out lyrics from his new album, ‘THUG BY NATURE’.

The hip hop star, aka L-Burna, was fined $245, around £170, and released 15 minutes following the incident.

He was arrested when overheard reciting the lyrics outside his hotel. The lyrics contained some swear words and swearing in public is considered disorderly conduct in Texas, a Class A misdemeanour comparable to a traffic ticket. According to reports from the US Burna was handcuffed and held in the back of a police car until his release.

“He was just way sarcastic,” Burna said of the policemen who stopped him. “I asked him, ‘What are you arresting me for?’ He said for cussin’. I was like, ‘I thought I had freedom of speech?’ He was like,

‘Not here in Galveston, not in my city.'”

L-Burna was in Galveston promoting his new record.