Bonehead responds to Mo Farah’s Liam and Noel Gallagher confusion

Former Oasis guitarist Bonehead has responded to Sir Mo Farah’s confusion over Noel and Liam Gallagher.

The Olympic athlete apologised after he shared a photo of himself with Noel Gallagher at a recent U2 gig, but captioned it with “chilling with my boy Liam Gallagher U2 concert in Twickenham..!!”

Liam then gamely fired back with: “Good to see u2 mo as you were LG x”

Now, Bonehead has responded – sharing a photo with tennis legend John McEnroe, but saying that he was “chilling with my boy Andy Murray.”

Liam Gallagher also told NME about his relationship with former Oasis guitarist Bonehead, and he isn’t in his current solo band line-up.

Me and Bonehead are mates, I love Bonehead he’s a geezer, and there’s no reason why he’s not. He’ll come and play with us maybe at some gigs and that, but Bonehead’s got his life man, he’s settled.

“I’ve been in a band with Bonehead and it’s pretty fucking dangerous. I’m not in the danger zone just yet. I want a fucking nice life, I want a nice, easy tour. I wanna go get some fucking tunes, I wanna get rockin’.”

When quizzed on who was more ‘dangerous’ in Oasis, Gallagher replied: “Him, he was dangerous man. I mean, we were all fucking dangerous. I was pretty dangerous. But Bonehead’s dangerous man.”

Liam Gallagher releases his debut solo album ‘As You Were’ on October 6.