Bonehead says Oasis reunion would be “worth it for the younger fans”

“You hear that Liam? You hear that Noel?”

Former Oasis guitarist Bonehead has claimed that a band reunion would be “worth it”, due to the impact it would have on the younger generation of fans.

The musician — whose real name is Paul Arthurs — was hosting a Coronation Weekend special for the Radio X station yesterday (May 8), when he discussed the possibility of the band reforming.

It was here that the former Oasis member, who was with the band when they formed in the early 1990s up until August 1999, told his audience that he would like to see them reunite for a live show. The main reason for this being because of how much it would mean to younger fans, who were never given the opportunity to see them play live.


“Never say never, I would say,” Bonehead said when asked about the possibility of a reunion by presenter Toby Tarrant. “Realistically? I don’t know. Liam’s got his solo career. As has Noel. I don’t know, you’re asking the wrong person. But I’d love to see it.”

He continued: “Some days you wake up and think Nah, there’s no need for it. It’s been done. But when I’m on stage with Liam Gallagher as a solo artist, and I come out and we play ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star’, the place erupts. People are bouncing higher and harder than they did at some of the gigs back in the day.

“I look at that first ten rows when I’m playing an arena with Liam, and they’re like 16 or 17 years of age. These people weren’t even born until well into Oasis’ career. So if there was a reunion, wouldn’t it be worth it for them? … You hear that Liam? You hear that Noel?”

Bonehead, Liam Gallagher
Bonehead, Liam Gallagher. CREDIT: Roberto Ricciuti/Redferns

When asked if he’d be willing to join the band again if they were to reform, Bonehead confidently exclaimed: “See that bag under there? Plectrums in there. I’m ready, got me dancing shoes.”

The possibility of an Oasis reunion has been one that has constantly arisen over recent years, with former members Noel and Liam Gallagher having an on-again-off-again approach to the idea.


Three years ago, in a cover interview with NME about his solo career, Liam said that an Oasis reunion was “gonna happen very soon”. Additionally, back in January, Noel caught fans’ attention when he claimed that he would “never say never” to the idea.

Most recently, however, Liam put a dampener on the prospect by accusing his brother of doing “a lot of damage” to the brand.

This followed an interview Noel did with French outlet France Inter, where he claimed that he was open to a reunion, but knew that his brother wouldn’t contact his management to organise it.

Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs
Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs performs live in 2019. Credit: Lorne Thomson / Getty

Last month, Noel confirmed that the band wouldn’t be reforming to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ‘Definitely Maybe’, and instead would be releasing an anniversary edition of the album — which will feature previously unreleased tracks from the time.

In other news, yesterday (May 8), Bonehead confirmed that he wouldn’t accept a knighthood if he were offered one, and neither would Liam Gallagher.

“Probably got a good ring to it, but no I wouldn’t take it. Not that I’m anti-royal or anti-this, no I just wouldn’t do it. Doesn’t even sound right, does it?” He continued: “I wouldn’t have it and I don’t think Liam would have it. Bet Noel would, wouldn’t he? He’d have to be with the sirs.”

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