Bono’s broadway effort most expensive production in history

'Spider-Man' musical is costing $40 million

The Broadway musical for which U2 frontman Bono is scoring is set to become the most expensive production in theatre history, according to reports today.

’Spider-Man’, directed by ‘The Lion King’s ‘Julie Taymor, is currently operating on a budget of $40 million and the show is expected to have a weekly running cost of $1 million.

The budget may be reduced to a mere $35 million, which means that the musical would have to run for around 8,000 years to break even, according to calculations in today’s New York Post.


According to the report, the enormous budget has been earmarked for designers, ranging from set to costume to fight designers,

The show is scheduled to open on Broadway next year.

–By our New York staff.

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