Bono and DATA to be awarded Liberty Medal

U2 frontman on the way to a Nobel Prize?

Bono is set to receive the 2007 Liberty Medal from the National Constitution Center, a non-profit organisation that aims to increase public understanding of the US Constitution.

The U2 frontman and DATA, the organisation he co-founded will share the award which will be presented at a ceremony in September.

The prize is awarded every year to one or more people that have “demonstrated leadership and vision in the pursuit of liberty of conscience or freedom from oppression, ignorance or deprivation”.

Bono and DATA have been working in recent years to bring massive financial and medical aid to Africa. He recently blasted G8 leaders for failing to fully fulfill their commitment to help Africa reduce it’s debt.

The Liberty Medal is now in it’s 18th year and so far a third of the recipients have gone on to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

–By our New York staff.

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