Bono reveals his favourite albums of 2017 and songwriting process with ‘righteous’ Kendrick Lamar

Bono also praised Arcade Fire for their 'audacity'

Bono and The Edge of U2 have spoken about their favourite and most inspirational new artists as well as their handful of collaborations with Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Speaking in an interview with Stereogum, the members of U2 were addressing the nature of being a longstanding band with a new album, ‘Songs Of Experience’.

Asked who they look to for inspiration in the music world today, Edge and Bono name-checked the likes of Royal Blood, M83 and Kaytranada. Speaking of 2017 specifically, Bono loved Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ and the Chance The Rapper track, ‘First World Problems’.


The U2 singer also addressed the polarising album from Arcade Fire’s ‘Everything Now’ which he praised for its ‘audacity’.

Bono also spoke on his collaborative relationship with Kendrick Lamar. Bono appeared firstly on Lamar’s ‘XXX’ off of ‘DAMN.’. Lamar returned the favour by appearing on ‘Songs Of Experience’ track ‘Get Out Of Your Own Way’. Lamar also appears on ‘American Soul’ from the same album which is a reworking on ‘XXX’.

Edge began on the band’s relationship with the rapper: “It was really just that we were fans. We were just thinking about artists we really respect and like, and he was on the top of our list. We look for artists that we feel have a similar spirit.”

“There’s a righteous anger that is hard to argue with,” Bono adds. “I asked him would he rap about where America is at, his reply was to rap about where America isn’t at. Smart dude.”

Listen to U2’s ‘American Soul’ below.


U2 recently teased that they’ll soon be announcing details of UK tour dates for 2018. Talking to Radio X, they suggested that they’ll be playing some huge gigs in the new year – including a show in Manchester.

‘Songs Of Experience’ by U2 is out now.