Bonobo reveals plans to release sixth album in 2016

Simon Green says he's on the way back

Brighton electronic artist Bonobo – Simon Green – has promised a recorded return in 2016, with a new album.

Bonobo’s had a quiet year on the recording front, having released the ‘Ten Tigers EP’ and ‘The Flashlight EP’ in 2014, as well as a live album based on his last full-length called ‘The North Borders Tour’.

His fifth studio album is entitled ‘The North Borders’, released in March 2013 on Ninja Tunes. It’s his most successful album to date commercially and came out a few weeks early after a promotional copy of the album was leaked.


Bonobo made the promise in a tweet over New Year, below:

2013’s ‘The North Borders’ was also accompanied by a live DVD, recorded as Bonobo played with a full band, featuring the DJ on bass.


Green is now based in Los Angeles, having spent time in New York, and spoke of his sixth album’s progress to Billboard in November, saying:

“It’s really coming together. I haven’t been thinking about the overall bigger picture. I’ve just been building creative momentum, every day making music and not really worrying about it. Fifty percent of what I’ve worked on is never going to get heard, but I think the important thing is just working. I really like what I’ve got so far.”


The DJ also talked of expanding his repertoire into radio shows, two-day parties and possibly a label in the future. He performed his first ‘Outlier’ radio show in December.