Watch the globetrotting video for Bonobo’s new single ‘ATK’

Simon Green's latest release is "aimed more at the dancefloor"

Bonobo has shared his latest single ‘ATK’ – you can watch the track’s vibrant new accompanying video below.

The song marks the musician, producer and DJ’s first new material since the release of his seventh studio album ‘Fragments’ in January.

Released today (September 6) via Bonobo’s own label OUTLIER (in partnership with Ninja Tune), ‘ATK’ was written and recorded around the same time as ‘Fragments’.


“Initially a DJ edit of Atakora Manu’s ‘Dada’, it became something fuller and a track of its own,” Bonobo, AKA Simon Green, explained in a statement about the song. “I felt it was a little too bashy to fit on the album, and wanted to save it as an OUTLIER release to be aimed more at the dancefloor.”

‘ATK’ has been accompanied today by a video directed by the McGloughlin Brothers, which takes the viewer on a series of train journeys through a multitude of different landscapes and terrains.

“We wanted to create a minimal film embodying ideas of serendipity and perception, allowing the world to reveal itself in unusual ways spontaneously,” the McGloughlin Brothers said in a statement.

“If you have ever looked out of a train window to see the wires and tiles weave and dance in a magical way, this, in essence, is what we wanted to capture in our film. Our own living ‘zoetrope’.”

Bonobo is set to embark on a North American tour this weekend, while he’s also set to perform at Printworks in London in November.


In May, Bonobo staged a five-night residency at the Royal Albert Hall which culminated with a surprise collaboration with the venue’s resident organist Anna Lapwood.

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