The Boomtown Rats to release new album after 30 years

Bob Geldof's band reformed for the Isle Of Wight festival in 2013

Bob Geldof has revealed that The Boomtown Rats are releasing a new album – their first in over 30 years.

The singer has revealed the band have recorded 26 tracks and plan to release them in fours in a series of EPs before bringing them all together for an album entitled ‘Mega’.

The band’s original line-up split in 1986 but reformed in 2013 and made an appearance at the Isle Of Wight festival that year.


They have spent three months recording their first LP since 1984’s ‘The Long Grass’. They released six albums including 1979’s ‘The Fine Art Of Surfacing’, which included the band’s most famous song, the 1979 UK Number One hit ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’. They also topped the UK singles chart with ‘Rat Trap’ a year earlier.

Geldof told the Mirror: “We’ve done 26 tracks. We’re mixing them now, I’ve done the vocals on them. We’re getting really excited, we think they’re great. We did a lot of songs. We have a situation now where a song comes out and a day later it’s dead.

He added: “What we’re probably going to do is issue a series of EPs, I’m going to call the album ‘Mega’. I’ll release four tracks and then a couple of months later another four tracks, and then another four, which allows us to space out the music but also do different things.

“I’ve no idea if we’ll call each EP something different, but when we collect them and make one album.”

Bob Geldof recently delivered a speech discussing the state of society post-Brexit, urging students to ‘stop banging on about transgender toilets’ and focus elsewhere.


The Boomtown Rats icon and philanthropist was delivering a talk to students at the Trinity College Dublin Law Society, where he encouraged them all to become political activists in these challenging times.

“Europe desperately needs reform; it is sclerotic, constipated, it needs some laxative to clear it out,” he said. “You guys are inheriting a deeply significant moment. My generation has failed more spectacularly than most – you have Brexit, Trump, the referendum in Italy, le Pen in France…”

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