Boy George completes community service

It was 'a real laugh' says singer

Boy George has completed his community service stint sweeping the streets and claims the experience was “a real laugh”.

The Culture Club star was sentenced to a week cleaning the streets of New York for wasting police time after falsely reporting a burglary in his apartment.

He escaped drug charges following allegations that the police had found cocaine.

But after serving his punishment, the singer said: “I was treated really nicely, it was worth it,” reports the BBC.

And in typically flamboyant style, the star said his biggest concern was the clothes he would be made to wear. “At first I thought I would have to wear an orange boiler suit,” he said. “I don’t look good in orange or a boiler suit. I don’t look good in orange or a boiler suit with my short legs.”

“People were jumping out of manholes to see me and being really nice,” he continued. “The trick is just to do your job. You get tea breaks and stuff. It can be a real laugh. New York is so clean right now you could eat your dinner off its streets.”

After stints DJing and performing in the theatre, Boy George is planning a return to recording, with a new single ‘Time Machine’ in the works.