Truly, the mind boggles...

BOY GEORGE is writing a musical about the New Romantic era.

The Culture Club star revealed in his regular column in the Express newspaper that UK TV comedy star George Dawes has been suggested for the role of outrageous transvestite performance artist Leigh Bowery, and there has been talk of Marc Almond appearing in it.

He said: “I am currently beavering away in the studio on a batch of songs for a musical about the New Romantic movement which created clubbing legends and disco monsters such as Steve Strange, Marilyn and some poof called Boy George.


“I have been painstakingly attempting to recreate a soundtrack fitting for the period and it’s been a scream! Next week we begin a workshop with a group of actors and my ditties will be heard and performed for the first time. “

George also reported that Pet Shop Boys are writing a musical with film director and playwright Jonathan Harvey, who made the film ‘Beautiful Thing’.

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