Boy George on his troubles with the law: ‘It would never have happened to David Bowie’

Singer says he wanted to be 'immature forever' but has now grown up…

Boy George has spoken about his past troubles with the law by saying that it “would never have happened to David Bowie“.

The former Culture Club man compared himself to the Thin White Duke in an interview with the French edition of Vogue magazine, as he explained why he had been reluctant to “grow up” and learn to “control my life”.

The singer, real name George O’Dowd, was sentenced to prison in January 2009 after being found guilty of detaining male escort Audun Carlsen in his flat, and was also ordered to carry out community service in New York in 2006 as a punishment for falsely reporting a burglary.


He said:

In prison, I was like, ‘This is my fault I’m here now.’ In New York, when I swept up the streets of Chinatown during my probation, I remember I was saying ‘This would never have happened to [David] Bowie… I always thought I would be reasonable at 40. It took me seven more years, but now I control my life.

He went on to add: “The most important thing to me over the past five years is that I grew up. A confession that I would have never imagined before. The idea was like a capitulation. I hated that.

“I want to stay immature forever. There is a real power when you grow up and it was like a revelation for me.”

Last month, Boy George used his wisdom to help Adele when he urged her to give up smoking to prolong her singing career. “If you’re a singer and you smoke it really isn’t a great idea,” he said. “I gave up smoking six months ago which was the best thing I ever did.”