Boy George apologises to former Culture Club drummer Jon Moss

Moss was reportedly told to "take a break" by the band's manager in 2018

Boy George has revealed that he recently met with former Culture Club bandmate Jon Moss in order to “apologise for some things.”

Last year, Moss sued George, as well as guitarist Roy Hay and bassist Mikey Craig, with the drummer’s lawyers claiming he was told to “take a break” by the band’s manager Paul Kemsley in 2018.

A spokeswoman for the group stated that Moss was simply “taking a break from Culture Club” but that “the door is always open” for a return.


Boy George
Boy George. Credit: Brian Rasic/WireImage

In an interview published in The Daily Star‘s Wired column, George said: “We are having this court case so I thought I would call him as I thought I was really moved by the script and I was really moved by the story of how we met and I suddenly thought: ‘You know what, I forgot about all that.’

“I forgot about all that really amazing stuff when I met him and you know how much I was in love with him and how it was so beautiful and exciting and all the stuff happened. It got lost in all this kind of bitterness and all this feuding.

“So it was interesting for me to sit with Jon and go: ‘Actually mate, I might have to apologise to you for some things.”

Earlier this year (June 12) George defended his controversial stance on gender pronouns, after facing criticism for his comments.


The singer faced a backlash earlier this year when he tweeted “leave your pronouns at the door”, before going on to describe preferred pronouns as a “modern form of attention-seeking.”

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