Here’s everything we know about BOYNEXTDOOR

BOYNEXTDOOR will be the first K-pop boyband to debut under Zico's KOZ Entertainment

HYBE subsidiary KOZ Entertainment, founded by Zico of Block B, is set to debut a new K-pop boyband called BOYNEXTDOOR this month.

BOYNEXTDOOR will be the ever-first K-pop group from KOZ Entertainment, as well as the agency’s first new artist since it was acquired by HYBE in 2020. KOZ Entertainment is currently home to K-R&B singer Dvwn and the hip-hop collective FANXY CHILD.

Here’s everything we know about BOYNEXTDOOR so far.

Who are the members of BOYNEXTDOOR?


BOYNEXTDOOR are set to be a six-member boyband, featuring the members Sungho, Riwoo, Jaehyun, Taesan, Leehan and Woonhak. KOZ Entertainment introduced the members in a video released at midnight on April 12.

The clips features all six members on a group video call with one another, where they talk about their crushes on a mysterious girl, before following the sextet to a house party.

At midnight KST on May 14, KOZ Entertainment dropped a series of moving profiles of BOYNEXTDOOR’s members. The teasers features phrases that seem to be lyrics from the group’s upcoming songs.



According to dance academy SMMA Academy, both Sungho and Riwoo used to attend classes there and had passed auditions for KOZ Entertainment in September 2021.

Meanwhile, Bobby of K-pop boyband iKON gave Jaehyun a personal shoutout on his Instagram Story in early May.

When will BOYNEXTDOOR debut?

According to a schedule teaser on BOYNEXTDOOR’s official Twitter account, the boyband will debut on May 30 with the single album ‘WHO!’ and the release of a music video. In the preceding week, the boyband will drop two more music videos.

In the weeks leading up to the release of ‘WHO!’, BOYNEXTDOOR will also release a number of concert photos and films (on May 18 and 19), an MV highlight (May 17), a moving profile (May 15) and a trailer film (May 12).

Meanwhile, the tracklist for ‘WHO!’ is out now. All three tracks on the upcoming mini-album will be title tracks and are all co-produced by Pop Time, known for working with Zico (‘Any Song’) and (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon (‘Tomboy’ and ‘Hwaa’).

Meanwhile, Zico co-produced the song ‘One and Only’. In addition, three members of BOYNEXTDOR – Jaehyun, Taesan and Woonhak – are credited on the songs ‘But I Like You’ and ‘Serenade’.

Additionally, BOYNEXTDOOR’s upcoming debut single album ‘WHO!’ is available for pre-save now on Spotify and Apple Music.

Are there any teasers for ‘WHO!’?

On May 17, KOZ Entertainment released an MV highlight video for ‘WHO!’. The clip features previews for the upcoming music videos for all three songs on the record. Watch it below.

A day later, BOYNEXTDOOR also released the ‘WHO’ version of their concept film for ‘WHO!’. The clips, features the boyband as tenants of a apartment building, who meet up for a picnic.

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