Boys Like Girls return with first single in a decade, ‘Blood And Sugar’

According to frontman Martin Johnson, it's about "an empty calorie relationship that’s so delicious you don’t care"

Boys Like Girls are back with their first single in a decade – check out ‘Blood And Sugar’ below.

The track is set to serve as the lead single from the rock band’s upcoming fourth album. The title and release date are yet to be confirmed, but it is set to be their first release on Fearless Records/Concord.

On the new song, frontman Martin Johnson said: “Thematically the song is fairly simple, an empty calorie relationship that’s so delicious you don’t care. You’re willing to deal with the crash. It continues to beat you down yet you keep coming back for more pain…almost like you’ve learned to love it.


“Why this obsession? We’re only skin and bone. Humans. Just blood and sugar, really. I think everyone has an infatuation with something bad for them. Cigarettes. Sports gambling. Porn. Internet validation. Pills that change the way you feel. Buying too many shoes.

He continued: “I know I spend a lot of time trying to fill the empty hole where drugs used to be. I spend most of the time trying to fill that hole with ‘perfection.’ But in the end…nobody’s perfect. Hey. we’re only blood and sugar, right?” [via Rock Sound]

Check out ‘Blood And Sugar’ below:

Confirming the release in an Instagram post to fans, the band wrote: “12 years is a long time, an eternity almost. The entire life of a 7th grader. In 12 years we’ve changed as men and the world around us has changed even more. We’ve said goodbye to some old friends, said hello to some new ones. That fearless youthful twinkle in the eye has been replaced by new calluses on the hands and heart and couple new grey hairs.

“Yet through the hibernation we’ve grown,” the post continued. “Stronger, hungrier. Almost as pissed off and competitive as we we’re when we were kids. The fear of failure has dissipated and the identity we created as teenagers has taken on new life. Everything’s completely different. Yet…everything’s exactly the same. And exactly the way it should be.


“We hope you enjoy our new song. You certainly waited long enough for it,” the post concluded.

Boys Like Girls’ last album ‘Crazy World’ came out in 2012.

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