Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch reckon today's chart-toppers are just manufactured rubbish - hmmm...

KEITH DUFFY and SHANE LYNCH are continuing their efforts to antagonise the music industry in the run-up to the release of their single, the MILLI VANILLI cover ‘GIRL YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE’.

Speaking to Attitude magazine on the subject of boybands, Keith observes that “after a couple of Number Ones … they think they’re fucking invincible, getting their Gucci”, while Shane adds that pop acts writing their own material is “the kiss of death. They think they’re being all deep and meaningful and it all falls off. It’s fucking shite!”

They also admit that Ronan Keating, whose voice is impersonated in the single, was a little annoyed. “At the end of the day he got his wires crossed,” Keith explains. “He thought we were slagging him off, but we don’t… We don’t even mention Ronan’s name or nothing. So he’s got nothing to be upset about at all.”


Shane concludes: “Half of these new bands are arrogant fuckers anyway.”

Meanwhile Boyzone colleague Mikey Graham has elsewhere been claiming that: “Most of today’s pop acts are just puppets. They’re all totally manufactured. Sure, Boyzone was manufactured, but we actually had a lot more freedom than they seem to have now.”

Graham insists that: “There’s no pop music out there for adults at the moment, and I intend to put that right.”


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