Well, not everyone - But 'Girl You Know It's True' has clearly made a big impression...

KEITH & SHANE’s reworking of the classic MILLI VANILLI track ‘GIRL YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE’ is a hit – according to most of the fans who’ve been listening to it on NME.COM.

“The original being corny as it was, they have kept that aspect but added a modern twist that’s refreshing,” Laura Lathwood reasons. “The new lyrics do their job at making you laugh and if you consider this song was recorded as a laugh, not seriously, then they’ve succeeded! I’m biased as a Boyzone fan but this song will be one that you’ll love to hate.”

Elaine Wood, from Maine, tells us: “I live in the USA so all I’ve heard is this. But from what I heard it sounds GREAT!!!”

Kate Morgan in Manchester virtually wrote an essay on the song, including the comment: “Someone had to do this sooner or later, and what better time than now, when all the self-righteous ‘stars’ of rock and yesteryear have come out with comments about ‘it’s all crap nowadays’.” She does concede that Keith & Shane “could have been a lot harsher, and well, a lot funnier”.

In any case, as Rita Eghan puts it: “Westlife have been a bunch of prats recently, so I guess this is a little payback! Anyway the boyz said it was just a bit of fun and piss-taking.”

But the response has not all been positive. Dave from London claimed the track was “shit”, while Moby Fan in Newcastle emailed NME.COM to state: “Keith & Shane have always been tossers and this record is obviously the result of seven years’ tossing.”

‘Girl You Know It’s True’ is due for release on 11 December.