Looks like a big load of cash has persuaded the men to be boys once again...

$1.5 million has persuaded BOYZONE to hit the road again next year for what looks likely to be their final tour.

According to reports, 25 venues, including London’s Hyde Park, are being considered for the tour, which will see the boys putting their various solo careers on hold for one final celebration of their seven-year career as Boyzone.

Meanwhile Shane Lynch has offered his opinions on last week’s battle in the albums chart. Says Shane: “The Spice Girls wound Westlife up and the boys started to bite back. I think they are very wrong to do so because they are a very good band, a credible band, and they don’t need to bitch back against anyone.”

And in spite of the fact that Shane’s forthcoming single with Boyzone partner Keith Duffy centres around criticising pop acts – it’s a cover of Milli Vanilli’s ‘Girl You Know It’s True’ – , he adds: “It’s not about who has a Number One album, it’s about sales and enjoying the music. The two of them are just bitching against each other, which shouldn’t happen in the industry. I think they should praise each other’s albums.”