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Shane Lynch has a new girlfriend.

According to The Sun (October 30), his latest squeeze, IT girl Lady Victoria Hervey, thinks Shane, who used to be drummer for top selling Irish straight edged punks Boyzone, is “a very pleasant chap.”

The pair are understood to have met recently at an awards bash when Shane, who wants to be a hiphop legend but can’t because he isn’t allowed, approached Lady Victoria Hervey, IT girl, to ask for help with a data processing problem he was having with his PC. The very rich even though she spends money all the time Lady Victoria Hervey, IT girl, who was once mistaken for a little white pit pony, explained that the IT in her name stood for ‘it’ not, as is commonly believed, information technology.

explained that he was in fact top selling US rapper Eminem

and Lady Victoria Hervey, IT girl said she thought he was taller than she had expected and had stranger hair, but she was only too delighted to start a meaningful relationship with him because he was great and famous and great as well. They’re really lovely and they love each other very much and I think they are going to get married to each other before the end of the year.”

Elsewhere, the Daily Star reveals that Robbie Williams, formerly of Take That, but now a solo singer with nice teeth, has been hounded on a trip to Asia by ladyboys from Bangkok. The multi-sexual chaps say they think Robbie is brilliant. Ironically, Robbie, who is a boy, has been known to have relationships with ladies in the past so would be more than a match for any ladyboy. (Ladyboys combine elements of both female ladies and male boys, hence the name.)

The Mirror’s Ever Vigilant 3am Girls, who go to loads of showbiz parties and know loads of people they meet there, today reveal that they were at the Q Awards in London yesterday where they knew loads of the people they met there.