Boyzone told to split by manager Louis Walsh – Tabloid Hell

But Keith Duffy denies that anything is wrong with the boyband

Boyzone have been ditched by manager Louis Walsh and advised to split up, according to reports.

The reformed boyband have been touring to promote their comeback album ‘Brother’, but their manager has apparently advised them to call it a day. The news came in the wake of tabloid revelations about Ronan Keating‘s affair with a dancer, and reportedly disappointing ticket sales for their most recent UK tour.

A source told the News Of The World: “Louis has told Boyzone they’re finished. Ronan doesn’t want to accept it but without Louis they have no chance. The affair changed everything for many fans. It destroyed the family-friendly image that made the band popular.


“They kept a die-hard fanbase but the ‘Brother’ tour earlier this year wasn’t a big success. Louis didn’t bother seeing a single show. [They] just couldn’t compete withe the Take That comeback and lots of tickets weren’t sold. So Louis decided it was the right time for the band to finish.”

However, band member Keith Duffy has denied the band are to split, saying that Walsh would not have a say in such a decision. He told the Daily Mirror today (June 13): “There are no issues as far as I’m concerned. Louis does his own thing and we’re all busy doing our own things. Boyzone are still flying. We’re doing a long UK tour over the summer. And the record company is really enthusiastic and planning a new CD.”