And he wouldn't mind recording with Marilyn Manson too...

STEPHEN GATELY has told NME.COM that he’d “love to do something with EMINEM or MARILYN MANSON” – adding that it doesn’t matter if EMINEM is homophobic.

“I don’t know if he is homophobic or not,” Stephen

explained yesterday afternoon in an interview with NME.COM. “If he

is, that’s just his mentality and I don’t hold a grudge against that. A lot of

people would disagree. I think he’s hyped up a lot and he’s probably very quiet.

A bit like Marilyn

Manson. I don’t think he’s quite as mad offstage.”

It seems the star’s appreciation of Marilyn Manson might not stretch too far, however. “I have a Marilyn Manson CD,” he says, “and I have listened to a couple of songs, but

I’m not majorly into it. It’s a bit heavy for me. I can see why people like it. I like all types of music. I can sit down and listen to a Guns N’Roses album or S Club 7.”