Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch tell NME.COM the superstar should "go on up to Heaven and meet God face to face"...

KEITH DUFFY and SHANE LYNCH – the two members of BOYZONE preparing to unleash a version of MILLI VANILLI‘s ‘GIRL YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE’ on the Christmas market – have made an astonishing death threat on PUFF DADDY, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

Speaking to NME.COM yesterday (October 25), the duo explained some of their alternative lyrics on the track, due for release on 11 December. As previously reported on NME.COM, the duo are using the single as a light-hearted kick back at the pop scene that propelled them to fame and fortune, namechecking specific acts including Ronan Keating and Westlife (“…lowlife, go and get your own life”).

“There’s a couple of people mentioned in our song,” Keith tells NME.COM. “We gave them cameo roles. They’re very lucky to be part of our song. If they’re not in our song they’re not worthy.”

When asked whether Puff Daddy – with whom Shane has clashed in the past – would be likely to respond happily to his own “cameo” in the song, Keith replied: “We’ll probably shoot him, eventually. We’ll definitely have to get rid of him – he’s always talking about God anyway so he should be a little bit closer to him.”

Shane continues: “We’ll have him killed, he’s a dope. He should go on up to Heaven and meet God face to face.”

“Plus,” Keith concluded, “his girlfriend’s very attractive.”

The full video interview with Keith and Shane will be on NME.COM soon.