The Irish boy-band's Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch let rip...

BOYZONE‘s KEITH DUFFY and SHANE LYNCH have told that bad-boy rapper EMINEM inspired them to write a rap having a go at their pop foes, can reveal.

Speaking from their recording studio, Keith said: “We wanted to write something that was in the style of Eminem, so we wrote a rap slagging off other people, but it’s all in good fun.”

Slated for release on December 11, the single – which is a cover of ’80s duo Milli Vanilli‘s track ‘Girl You Know It’s True’ – hits back at pop stars who have attacked them in the past, and targets Westlife, Five and Puff Daddy, who had a bust-up with Shane at last year’s MTV awards in Dublin.

Keith, who has been hosting BBC kids’ show ‘FBi’ throughout the summer, said the video will also take a swipe at the boy-band phenomenon.

“We have decided on a boy-band theme with a difference. It will start with a typical boy-band standing onstage about to perform, then Shane and I come on and kick them all off.”