Mikey Graham confesses the future looks bleak for the band...

BOYZONE‘s future is looking shakier than ever after MIKEY GRAHAM has told the INDEPENDENT RADIO NEWS network that RONAN KEATING‘s behaviour has led to a division between the singer and the rest of the band.

“The boys aren’t too happy with him,” he explains. “It’s not really a

good thing to do – it took five people to make Boyzone and five people to

make Ronan Keating . We were supposed to do a tour at the end of the year for the fans and there was four million involved. And he turned round and said he didn’t want to do it.”

Of the five band members, Graham has yet to find himself a long-term solo role. Keith Duffy is pioneering a career as a light celebrity regular with stints on shows like ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and Sky One’s ‘Jumpers For Goalposts’, while Shane Lynch continues driving his cars and Stephen Gately‘s solo career is looking to step up a gear with the release of his new single ‘Stay’.

According to Boyzone reunion will only ever take place “when everybody is satisfied with their solo careers and what they’re doing. If Boyzone ever come back together then, yes, I would be interested, but it would have to be a different Boyzone for me.”

And despite the tour ostensibly being ‘for the fans’, Graham effectively throws their fandom back in the faces by adding: “If I successfully establish myself as a credible singer-songwriter I’m not going to go back prancing around the stage, that kid stuff, you know?”