Polydor insist the pair's sardonic single 'Girl You Know It's True' was only ever meant to be a one-off...

A spokesperson for KEITH DUFFY and SHANE LYNCH’s record label POLYDOR has told NME.COM that they are baffled by the story circulating that the duo were “dropped” after the disappointing performance of their novelty single ‘GIRL YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE’.

The Milli Vanilli cover, which takes a swipe at several other pop acts and has landed the two Boyzone boys in several petty pop feuds, only went into the charts at Number 36 on Sunday (December 17). And rumours had been whirling that their offshoot career’s failure to emulate the success of fellow bandmate Ronan Keating had displeased the label, which is also home to Boyzone.

The spokesperson insisted that there had only ever been a plan for the duo to release a one-off single, rather than forging a career outwith the ‘Zone.

“It’s been blown out of proportion,” said the spokesperson. “When they made the record it was always going to be one single, never any more. There was never going to be an album or anything. So they can’t really have been dropped. The whole campaign was geared towards ‘all for one’ to get as much as they could for this one single.”