Mikey Graham admits to smoking cannabis, and supports legalisation of the herb...

BOYZONE member Mikey Graham, set to be the third of the five-piece to launch a solo career in the coming weeks, has admitted smoking cannabis and also says he supports legalisation of the drug.

In an interview in today’s London Evening Standard (May 22) the singer downplayed the revelation, saying: “I never took ecstasy or cocaine or heroin, or anything like that. I’d be worried I’d be the one in a million it would kill – or else that I’d like it too much and wouldn’t want to stop.”

Graham said the band had previously perpetuated their wholesome image in order to protect their audience. He also said smoking the drug was a “giggle”, adding: “The only thing I’ve ever done is smoke a joint, but it’s not a way of life, it’s just something I’d do once in a while with my mates.”


Graham releases his self-penned debut single ‘You’re My Angel’ through his own Public Records label on May 29. On the same day, his Boyzone colleague Stephen Gately releases his own debut solo single ‘New Beginning’ through Polydor.

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