Boyzone Stephen Gately’s partner and ‘third man’ speak after Majorca death

Details about singer's death emerge

Boyzone’s Stephen Gately, who died in the early hours of Sunday (October 11) morning in Majorca, was found dead by ‘third man’ Georgi Dochev, it has emerged.

Bulgarian Dochev found Gately dead on a sofa in the apartment the singer had shared with partner Andy Cowles, reports The Sun.

The three had reportedly been out drinking before returning to the flat. Police believe the singer choked on his own vomit.


Police have said that the death is not being treated as suspicious and there was no sign of drug taking. Gately‘s body is set to be returned to the UK after an autopsy.

Dochev said: “I am devastated. I came out of the bedroom and found Stephen dead. I woke the husband [Cowles]. It is awful – I am in shock and I’m ill with it.”

Cowles said that the trio’s night out had not been excessive.

“We have had wilder nights out in Dublin and this was nothing out of the ordinary,” he told the Daily Mirror.

“I just don’t understand it. What hurts most is that he was only yards from me in the room next door and I didn’t even know he was slipping away. If only I had gone in to check him.”