File-sharers face new wave of lawsuits

2,000 illegal downloaders are targeted

The International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry (IFPI) have launched a new wave of legal action against illegal file-sharers.

Around 2,000 song-swappers are being targeted across ten countries.

A new report suggests however that illegal downloads are continuing to grow despite the threat of lawsuits, with research firm XTN Data reporting that they have increased by 3% to 28% of all downloads since September 2005.


Illegal filesharing, the British music industry has claimed, has cost it £1.1 billion over the past three years.

Two filesharers were forced to pay thousands of pounds in damages last year when the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) won landmark court cases.

According to BBC News, the XTN report has claimed that legal action has been the least effective option in the music industry’s war against copyright infringement.

Taking the opinions of over 1,000 people, cheaper prices and easy to use commercial services were more likely to convince people to legally download, the data revealed.

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