UK file sharers targeted

The BPI take legal action against 65 more

The BPI has said that 65 more people will face legal action over alleged illegal filesharing.

The UK record companies’ trade association announced today (November 15) the cases will be brought against “large-scale uploaders”, as part of their ongoing attempts to stop filesharing in the UK. The total number of cases in the UK now numbers more than 150.

BPI chairman Peter Jamieson said, “There will be no let-up in our fight against illegal filesharing. We will do what it takes to defend our rights under the law.”


BPI General Counsel Roz Groome added: “There is no doubt that legal action is helping to contain the spread of illegal filesharing, but there is sadly still no shortage of people who believe the law simply does not apply to them.

“The bad news for Britain’s digital shoplifters is that the law is not on your side, and in twelve months more than 70 British filesharers have discovered the real cost of free music and ended up thousands of pounds out of pocket to avoid a costly court case.”

Today’s action is part of a wordwide clampdown on filesharing.

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