Moves to identify illegal downloaders in Holland have been blocked by a Dutch judge...

Moves to identify illegal downloaders in HOLLAND have been blocked by a Dutch judge.

A court in Utrecht heard that anti-piracy group Brein made demands for five net service suppliers to hand over the names and addresses of file-sharers following investigative work by US company Media Sentry.

The judge presiding in the case ruled that the American firm had broken tough laws that protect privacy in Holland by identifying the file-sharers.

But Brein, which represents 52 media organisations including Sony Music, Universal and EMI, said it will take the case to a higher court.

As a result the victory could be short lived because the court ruled that the group did have the power to force net firms to surrender data if they found out the information legally.

Nine people who have already been identified by Brein, have reached out-of-court settlements with the organisation.