They go to court in an attempt to get peer to peer networks closed for good…

Record companies have teamed up with film companies in the US in a Supreme Court appeal to overturn a ruling that peer-to-peer networks are not liable for their users actions.

On Friday (October 8) the companies went to court to ask for a decision made by the appeals court to be reversed. In August, it was ruled that many peer to peer networks cannot be sued for copyright because their products can be used for legal purposes. However, the music and film industry claim that they allow people to copy their products for free.

Dan Glickman, President of the Motion Picture Association of America told Reuters: “These companies have expressly designed their businesses to avoid all legal liability, with the full knowledge that over 90 per cent of the material traversing their applications belongs to someone else.”

In the UK it was announced last week that for the first time, British music would face legal action for their use on peer-to-peer networks. The action, the first of its kind in England targets users of the Kazaa, Imesh, Grokster, Bearshare and WinMX networks.