BPI bosses say some people aren't willing to settle...

The BRITISH PHONOGRAPHIC INDUSTRY (BPI) have said their fight against illegal file-sharers is likely to end up in the courts.

The BPI have been targeting people who download music online for free, taking legal action against the people they consider to be the worst offenders.

Although the majority of people have settled out of court, BPI boss Peter Jamieson told industry magazine Music Week that there’s a minority of people unwilling to pay fines.


He said: “There are some people who look unlikely to settle and it is with a heavy heart that we will have to take court action against them. I never look forward to going to court, but the law is clear and I’m absolutely certain we would win”.

The BPI first announced action against 26 illegal filesharers in October 2004. Those cases have all now been settled, with defendants paying more than £50,000 total in compensation.

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