The organisation target 33 more illegal filesharers…

The BRITISH PHONOGRAPHIC INDUSTRY (BPI) is taking action against a further 33 illegal filesharers, it was announced today (April 12).

The move brings the number of people that have faced legal action since its campaign against internet piracy began last year, to 90.

The announcement also coincides with the news that the BPI’s international counterpart, the IFPI, has engaged in action against 963 illegal filesharers in 11 countries.


As previously reported by NME.COM, the BPI announced on March 4 that it intended pursuing legal proceedings against 31 more downloaders, and following disclosure of their identities by internet service providers, these 31 are being written to today with details of the BPI’s claims against them.

Next week, the organisation will be going to the High Court to seek disclosure of the 33 illegal filesharers targeted today.

BPI General Counsel Geoff Taylor said: “We have warned people time and again that unauthorised filesharing is against the law. Anyone who is engaged in this activity faces having to pay thousands of pounds in compensation. It’s now easy to get music online legally. We will maintain our campaign until the message gets across.”

The BPI first announced action against 26 illegal filesharers in October 2004. They claim that those cases have all now been settled, with defendants paying more than £50,000 total in compensation.

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