Brakes start work on third album

Band are confused by 'a generic, half time, anthemic pop-rock group'

Brakes are heading into the studio this week to work on their third album, which they are calling ‘Thunk’.

The band announced the working title for the follow-up to ‘Give Blood’ and ‘The Beatific Visions’ on their Myspace blog.

Bassist Marc Beatty wrote: “We’ll be safely tucked away, busily furrowing away on album three.”

He also went on to explain how indie band Royworld’s new single ‘Brakes’ has confused the group, saying: “We had a shock whilst driving recently when after said song the DJ announced: ‘That was Brakes…‘.

“There was a moment of pure panic, had we all blacked out for several months and morphed into a generic, half time, anthemic pop rock group? ‘……by Royworld,’ the DJ continued.”