Brand New tease new release ‘3 Demos, Reworked’

Band also expected to release fifth album this year

Cult emo band Brand New are preparing a new release, titled ‘3 Demos, Reworked’.

As the name suggests, the release will include three previously-leaked demos that have been reworked. The song set to feature on the release are ‘Brother’s Song’, ‘Missing You’ and ‘1996’. The songs were first recorded in 2006 ahead of the band’s ‘The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me’ album but were discarded after the collection leaked online.

Upset now reports that the Long Island group are to release new 10″ vinyl ‘3 Demos, Reworked’ “soon”. Details can be found here. The band’s recent single ‘Mene’ also looks set for a physical release.

Brand New are expected to release their fifth album at some point in 2016.

Frontman Jesse Lacey has previously suggested that the forthcoming record might be the group’s last. He also announced at the first show of the band’s current tour that they are “done”.