Brandon Boyd looks for a signal on new track ‘Dime In My Dryer’

It's the third single from the Incubus frontman's forthcoming new album ‘Echoes And Cocoons’

Brandon Boyd has shared a third single from his upcoming new solo album ‘Echoes And Cocoons’.

‘Dime In My Dryer’ is “a tale of discovery of what is important in life when forced to slow down,” the Incubus frontman said in a statement about his latest release.

“It was in the relative silence of a world mostly shut down that I noticed how loud things had been in the before-times,” Boyd said. “Not the obvious part of my life that is governed by big sounds and travelling, no, but that chatter or noise that emits from our shared experience as people.”


He continued: “All of a sudden it would stop for brief intervals and in those gaps is where I began to see the parts of my life and my general experience that offered more signal and less noise.”

‘Dime In My Dryer’ follows the singles ‘Pocket Knife’ and ‘Petrichor’, all three of which are set to appear on ‘Echoes And Cocoons’, the follow-up to Boyd’s last solo project, 2013’s ‘Sons Of The Sea’. The LP – which is due out March 11 – is produced by Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer John Congleton.

Listen to ‘Dime In My Dryer’ below:

Discussing his upcoming album in a recent interview with NME, Boyd said: “It’s really cool. It’s a very different record for me.”

“What I’m going to do is put out a single every five or six weeks and then hopefully drop the actual album sometime in February,” he explained.


As for Incubus, the band’s most recent project was last year’s ‘Trust Fall (Side B)’ EP, released via ADA Worldwide. Asked about the progress of the band’s next album, the follow-up to 2017’s ‘8’, Boyd said the band hope to have something out by spring next year.

“We went out and did some shows and we’re all rehearsed up and ready to play,” said Boyd. “Our intention is to put together a new group of songs, whether it’ll be an EP or an LP, I’m not sure, but we’re hoping to have that done sometime by spring – but there’s a lot of hope in that statement.”

In October, Incubus celebrated the 20th anniversary of their seminal fourth album ‘Morning View’ with a livestream concert of the record performed in its entirety at the Malibu beach house it was originally recorded in.

Speaking on the initial decision to record the album in the house on Morning View Drive in Malibu, Boyd talked to NME about the making of the record and how they wanted to be free from distractions during the recording process.

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