Brandon Flowers covers ‘If Still It Can’t Be Found’ with Joe Pug – watch

Flowers invited singer-songwriter Joe Pug to join him onstage for his encore in Amsterdam

Brandon Flowers performed a cover of Joe Pug’s ‘If Still It Can’t Be Found’ during his show at Amsterdam’s Paradiso on Monday (June 1).

Flowers invited the singer-songwriter to join him onstage for the encore of the show. The pair performed a cover of Joe Pug’s song ‘If Still It Can’t Be Found’ taken from Pug’s album ‘Windfall’, released in March. Watch the performance below.

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Brandon Flowers is currently touring in support of his new solo record ‘The Desired Effect’, which was released in May. He recently welcomed another special guest to join him onstage, with New Order‘s Bernard Sumner joining Flowers onstage during his headline show at Manchester Academy on May 24.

Flowers invited Sumner to perform New Order’s ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ at the show, preceding the team-up with a brief speech about how he first discovered the band whilst watching MTV as a youngster. Watch footage of the performance here.

Speaking to NME, Flowers recently revealed ‘The Desired Effect’ may be his last solo record.

“Being onstage without [The Killers] is different, but I try to look for the similarities rather than dwell on the differences because I need that comfort, I guess,” said Flowers.

Speaking about the future of The Killers and whether there will be any further solo records (his solo debut ‘Flamingo’ was released in 2010), Flowers continued: “I don’t think that far [into the future]. But Dave [Keuning, guitarist] is really excited for the next record already. Maybe there’ll be some new fire that gets lit and this’ll be the last solo record.”