Brandon Flowers says ‘The Desired Effect’ may be his ‘last solo record’ – watch

Singer discusses solo career: 'It's not a vanity project, I get enough attention in The Killers'

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has spoken about his recent solo album release and what it’s like to work without the band.

The singer released solo album ‘The Desired Effect’ during May, beating Paul Weller to the top of the UK Albums Chart in the process.

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Now, speaking in a video interview, airing above, Flowers told NME: “Being onstage without [The Killers] is different, but I try to look for the similarities rather than dwell on the differences because I need that comfort, I guess.”

Flowers added that the public and critical response to ‘The Desired Effect’ has been “really positive”, something he claims to not be accustomed to. He added: “I’ve been used to more of a polarising situation and it that usually goes in my favour. I think if somebody really hates it or people really love it then it usually works out. But this time it’s been a lot more positive and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

Speaking about the future of The Killers and whether there will be any further solo records (his solo debut ‘Flamingo’ was released in 2010), Flowers continued: “I don’t think that far [into the future]. But Dave [Keuning, guitarist] is really excited for the next record already. Maybe there’ll be some new fire that gets lit and this’ll be the last solo record.”

Brandon Flowers also said that his solo career is “not a vanity project”, continuing: “I get enough attention being the singer in The Killers”. Watch the full video interview above.