Brandon Flowers takes style inspiration from Mick Jagger and Morrissey

The Killers man thinks style is important, but admits he's still searching for his signature look

Brandon Flowers – a man known for his flamboyant on-stage dress sense – has highlighted his style influences, including Mick Jagger, Morrissey and Roy Orbison.

The singer told that he considers style to be a huge part of a singer’s image, and went on to talk about who particularly influences the way he dresses.

“style is a huge part of a musician’s image,” he said. “When I think of Morrissey, I think of his ­pompadour. When I think of Mick Jagger, I think of scarves. Roy Orbison had his Ray-Bans. As for me… I guess time will tell what my trademark will be.”

Flowers is wary of taking too many cues from Jagger, though, adding that the best style tip he’s ever received is “just because it looks good on Mick Jagger doesn’t mean it’s going to look good on you.”

NMEPress/William Hirakawa

Flowers is prone to bold statements, and in March claimed his band are underrated, and “the best band in a long time, whether people accept it or not.

The band have a had a tough year, though, not least in suggestions that Flowers found his band mates to be lazy, and in his view of latest album ‘Battle Born’, which Flowers recently said “wasn’t good enough”.

The Killers headline Kaaboo Festival in San Deigo in September, but have played only two live shows since August of 2014, in part due to the release of Flowers solo record ‘The Desired Effect’.