Brandon Flowers says he wants to make ‘honest’ music to make his kids proud

The Killers frontman wanted to make a "more grown-up" record this time around with 'Wonderful Wonderful'

Brandon Flowers has said he wants to “honest” music so that his kids are proud of him.

The Killers are set to release their new album ‘Wonderful Wonderful‘ on September 22. It is their first studio album in five years, following 2012’s ‘Battle Born‘.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Flowers and drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr discussed their intentions behind the making of the record. The latter said that they had recently listened to “a bunch of different artists”, some of which was “very honest” and others that were “very custom-fit for a certain demographic.”

“It was totally predictable and kind of lame – and it was guys approaching 50 doing it,” Vannucci Jr said. “Nothing seemed true.”

He said that what he thinks keeps The Killers honest is their “integrity”. “We’re just trying to be that listener when we were 15, 20 years old and trying to recognise that honesty in other artists.”

Flowers added: “The thing that keeps me honest is my kids. They’re gonna have to face what I’m putting out one day, and I want them to be proud. I also want to be able to walk into a restaurant with my head held high.”

The frontman also explained that he didn’t want to “chase what’s on the radio” on ‘Wonderful Wonderful’, choosing to act his age instead. “I talked to [producer Jacknife Lee] about wanting to make a more grown-up record,” he said. “It’s a scary word – ‘adult’ – so we say ‘grown-up’.”

He also revealed that one of the songs on the album is “really emotional” to the point where it reduced his wife to tears. ‘Some Kind Of Love’ was written for his partner who suffers from PTSD as a consequence of traumas experienced in her childhood. “I played that for her and she just sobbed,” he said.