Brandon Flowers reveals why he feels “sad” about Razorlight

"I’ve always had a strong belief in Razorlight"

Brandon Flowers has revealed that he’s “sad” about Razorlight, after the band became marred by years of infighting and frequent line-up changes.

Despite achieving huge success in the early section of their career, Johnny Borrell remains the only original band member in Razorlight. They are yet to release a follow-up to 2008’s critically derided ‘Slipway Fires’.

But in an exclusive interview with NME, The Killers’ Brandon Flowers has admitted that he’s sad at their demise – having reached their early fame at a similar point in time.


When asked by NME if they feel a kinship with their contemporaries, Brandon said: “Yeah, there are a few bands where you’re always anticipating what their next move is going to be or what they’re going to do and the thing is.”

“I’ve always had a strong belief in Razorlight, and I’m sad to see what happened there and how that went away”, he said.

“It was an exciting time to be in a band in the early 2000s, for sure.”

Meanwhile, Brandon also recently discussed the future of The Killers, and what’s in store next.

“It’s just all evolution and you learn from each record. It’s funny, I’ve found that I wait for it to present itself to me,” Flowers told NME. “I don’t necessarily say ‘I’m going in and this is the record I’m going to make’. I don’t think you can force it because whether you like it or not, things that you’ve absorbed in the last couple of years since are going to expose themselves and it’s going to be different to what you had planned.”


He continued: “If we can get back at it then there’s no point in making another [solo album]. I’m not saying the solo stuff is over, I only got to tour with that for two months and I was having fun, so I’ll take it as it comes.”