Brandon Flowers says he’s a ‘glorified Elvis impersonator’ who would have been a ‘rock’n’roll casualty’ without Mormonism

The Killers frontman has always been open about his religious beliefs in the past

Brandon Flowers has described himself as a “glorified Elvis impersonator” and discussed the effect Mormonism has had on his life.

The Killers frontman recently appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, where he took the TV show around Las Vegas to some of the band’s old haunts.

Flowers said: “I’m just a glorified Elvis impersonator. That’s all I am – that’s all any of us are.” When told he didn’t look like Elvis on stage, he replied: “I’m trying! I’m doing my best.”


Speaking about his religious beliefs, he said Mormonism had “saved him”. “I don’t go to church cos I’ve got nothing better to do on Sundays,” he said. “I really believe it. I don’t know what my life would be without it. I think I would have been a rock’n’roll casualty.”

Flowers latter added that he would never trash a hotel room because “my mum cleaned hotel rooms”, and discussed his struggles with settling into his role as a performer idolised by many. “I really idolise people,” he said. “I really idolise people so for me to have the same job as them is really difficult for me.

“It took me years to be able to put those boots on and go on stage and say, ‘This is who I am,'” he added. Watch the full interview above.

The Killers are currently in the middle of a run of festival dates and headlined Latitude Festival this weekend (July 14). Ahead of topping the bill at Isle Of Wight last month, Flowers spoke to NME, revealing that he is sad about the demise of Razorlight, who came up around the same time as his band.


Asked if he felt a kinship with The Killers’ contemporaries, Flowers replied: “Yeah, there are a few bands where you’re always anticipating what their next move is going to be or what they’re going to do and the thing is.”

He continued: “I’ve always had a strong belief in Razorlight, and I’m sad to see what happened there and how that went away.”