All you who thought 'Wake Up Boo!' was that perfect early morning call think again. Their old boss calls it an "atrocity exhibition"...

ALAN McGEE has launched a stinging attack on ex-CREATION RECORDS band THE BOO RADLEYS, declaring their most commercially successful single ‘WAKE UP BOO!’ an “atrocity exhibition”.

McGee has written a review of David Cavanagh’s book on the history of Creation Records, ‘My Magpie Eyes Are Hungry For The Prize’ on the Poptones website [url=]

In it McGee declares Cavanagh’s work “unquestionably the dullest book I have ever read”, “tedious” and “humourless”, before claiming it captures “none of the spirit” of Creation Records.


However, his most venomous attack is saved for ex-Boo Radleys guitarist and songwriter Martin Carr. Apparently unhappy at their musical output following the most successful album of their career, ‘Wake Up!’, he writes: “For the record, Martin, I would have dropped you in 1995 after the atrocity exhibition that was ‘Wake Up Boo!’ but for (Creation co-founder) Dick Green’s infatuation with you. Creation was never about touring the US in Bon Jovi’s tour bus… for me Creation was touring Germany and Holland with the Mary Chain in a transit van.”

Elsewhere in the review McGee accuses the Boo Radleys of costing Creation “about a million pounds”, before saying “you were never a part of it. For me you never proved it. Sorry, mate.”

NME.COM contacted a representative for Martin Carr for comment, but none was immediately forthcoming.

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