Brave Girls on hearing ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ for the first time: “This is the song”

“As soon as I heard it, I thought it was our title track.” said Minyoung

Brave Girls have revealed what they thought when they heard their latest single ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ for the first time.

During a June 17 press conference for their latest mini-album ‘Summer Queenthe ’, girl group talked about their latest single, success of their viral hit ‘Rollin’’ and future goals. The quartet also spoke about the project’s title track ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ and how they reacted the first time they heard it.

“Right from the intro I thought, ‘This is the song’,” said the group’s youngest member Yuna, as translated by Soompi. Their main vocalist Minyoung also echoed her thoughts, adding that “as soon as I heard it, I thought it was our title track”.


‘Summer Queen’ is the group’s first release since skyrocketing to fame after their 2017 single ‘Rollin’’ went viral earlier this year. The group, who were on the verge of disbandment, quickly found themselves at the top of South Korean music charts, and spoke about their newfound popularity.

“This is the first time we’ve received so much attention since our debut,” said Yujeong. “Just three months ago, we were just playing. It’d be a lie if we said there was no pressure. We’re trying our best to shake it of.”

Brave Girls previously revealed that they thought ‘Rollin’’ would be “an automatic number one” after they heard it for the first time. “Even though we just heard a [demo] version, we dance[d] and played with the song thinking this was a number one hit,” they said.