Brave Girls on original concept for ‘Rollin’’: “We were like, ‘We’re doomed’”

“After hearing the concept change to ‘Vampires’, we were like, ‘Oh no, what do we do?”

Brave Girls have revealed their thoughts on the original “vampire” concept they used for their 2017 now-turned-viral hit, ‘Rollin’’.

The tropical house-inspired song recently experienced a resurgence in popularity after a compilation video of the group’s performances went viral. The track has since topped the charts of several South Korean streaming services and the group are preparing to return to local music programmes in order to perform the song once again.

When the group first released ‘Rollin’’ four years ago, they had promoted it with a concept based on vampires. However, the K-pop idols recently revealed that they thought there was a mismatch between the concept and the “very light clean, pastel tone feel” of the song.


“After hearing the concept change to ‘Vampires’, we were like, ‘Oh no, what do we do? We’re doomed’,” member Eunji told News1 Korea. “It was truly shocking. [This is my] first time saying this, but that was our reaction to the concept change.”

In spite of the concept, the group said that they felt that ‘Rollin’’ still had the makings of a hit. “We when first heard ‘Rollin’’, I felt like [the song] was an automatic number one. Definitely,” Yuna said. “When we went back to the practice room, even though we just heard the [demo] version, we dance and played with the song thinking this was a number one hit.”

“What kind of concert and dance would fit, these things would come in our thoughts – [although] they didn’t turn out that way in the end,” Eunji added. “But since the song was so good, we thought this had a chance of getting first place.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Brave Girls also spoke about the recording process of ‘Rollin’’ and their reactions to the song’s sudden explosion in popularity, as well as the group’s future plans. Check out the full interview here.

Earlier this month, the group described their newfound success as “bewildering” while expressing their thankfulness towards listeners. “I feel both dumbfounded and overjoyed. It was our dream to chart on Melon, and I’m so emotional by this that I can only say that I’m grateful,” said member Yujeong.