Brendan Benson gig raided by police

Show in Berlin takes a bizarre twist

Brendan Benson’s show in Berlin (October 26) was raided by police.

The star was playing the Mudd Club in the city as part of his European tour when, halfway through the gig, six burly policeman charge in to stop the gig. Eyewitnesses claim they were “shouting and wielding their batons”.

The police announced their intention of arresting Benson, his band, the manager and the promoters and taking them down to the station. The charge they were facing was playing their music too loud.


They were not arrested but police insisted that the rest of the gig was played acoustically. Benson then had to play the last half of the show on acoustic.

A spokesperson for the singer said: “The police said the band were playing too loud for Berlin! It wasn’t as if we were playing Motorhead covers.”